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Senior Discount Program

How does it Work?

Meridian Valley Dental Center Senior Plan is an annual reduced fee dental plan that allows individuals and families, just like yours, to receive dental services from our office at discounted fees.

Fill out the application and submit along with premium payment and you’re effective immediately to start receiving benefits and discounts for your dental needs. That’s it! Very SIMPLE!

Who Qualifies?

Adults over the age of 57 who do not have dental Insurance.

When Does the Benefit Start?

Benefits begin IMMEDIATELY! Members must remain on the plan for a minimum of 12 months.

Benefit Premiums

Annual Member Fee
Regular Prophy Patients $375
Perio Maintenance Patients $450
  • 2 cleanings per year (includes check up x-rays and exams.)

  • Unlimited emergency exams and x-rays.

  • Receive 20% off all services (when paid cash or check. Otherwise, 15%)

  • There are NO deductibles, yearly maximums, missing tooth clauses or waiting periods.

There’s no ID card, no group or member number

All of your membership information will be kept on file with our office. Your effective date is the day you sign up and your renewal date is the same date every year. No refunds are given if patient chooses not to use their dental plan!

Treatment Member Discount *

Diagnostic & Comprehensive Exam (new patient) 100%
Periodic Exam 100%
Limited Exam 100%
FMX or PANO (1 every 5 years) 100%
Bitewings (1 per year) 100%
Periapical (Unlimited) 100%
Preventative Adult Prophy (2 per year) 100%
Perio maintenance (2 per year) 100%
Fillings 20%(15%)
Extra Cleanings (more than x 2/year) 20%(15%)
Crowns/Bridges 20%(15%)
Veneers 20%(15%)
Root Canals 20%(15%)
Implants 20%(15%)
Periodontal Treatment 20%(15%)
Oral Surgery 20%(15%)
Night Guard 20%(15%)
Whitnig (Take-Home Bleach Kit) 50%
* ( ) Indicates Discount with Credit/Debit Card. 

Terms & Limitations

  • This plan can’t be combined with any other special offer or discount.
  • Credit or Debit or Care Credit payements will receive 15% discount instead of 20% as when paid by cash or check.
  • Since there are no insurance reimbursements, all payments should be made at the time of service.
  • Your policy renews automatically each year. If premiums are not paid, then you will not qualify for any discounts.
  • This plan is only good at Meridian Valley Dental Center. Therefore, if you are referred to a specialist, they will not offer the discount.
  • Prophy (regular cleanings) by our office is defined as the removal of coronal plaque, calculus bulidup and stain on the tooth above the gum line. For deeper cleanings, those fall under a periodontal category.
  • Procedures performed in a hospital, hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind does not apply to this plan.
  • Yearly benefits are not carried over to the next year.
  • Meridian Valley Dental Center Senior Discount Plan benefits cannot be transferred over to other family members.
  • Annual membership fees are non-refundable.
  • No refunds given if patient chooses not to use their dental plan.
  • This is a dental discount plan and is NOT a dental insurance.
  • The dental plan cannot be used in conjunction with a current dental insurance policy.
  • We are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of dentures, bite guards or any other mouth appliances.
  • Orthodontic treatment is not part of this plan.
  • Your policy renews automatically each year. If premiums are not paid, then you will not qualify for any discounts.

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