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Oral Hygiene

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Not everyone’s dental hygiene is the same. Some people need to visit the dentist in 4 month intervals, while 6 months is fine for others. Your dental care from Meridian Valley Dental Center is gentle and will match you with your individual hygiene needs.

Our dentist in Kent, Dr. John Beack helps patients understand the role of good hygiene by showing you before and after pictures of your own mouth, so you can visualize plaque and other harmful agents. These are controllable with your home care hygiene efforts, in which most patients increase their diligence after witnessing the need for it.

Our dental staff can help recommend the best home care techniques and can discuss your diet in terms of oral health, if necessary.

We love to help people have the healthiest mouth they can, and can even discuss night guards if nighttime grinding is a problem. Whatever your dental health situation, Dr. Beack and his staff can help you feel good about smiling.

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